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Properties without security cameras are vulnerable to theft, vandalism, and other crimes. Rely on Lang Locks & Security Solutions in Grande Prairie, AB for products that can deter wrongdoers from targeting your house or building. We offer a complete range of video surveillance solutions for residential and commercial use.

Whether you need a simple nanny cam or a complex surveillance system, count on us to provide the right type of security camera that meets your requirements. Our team is also trained to install these devices for you! Our products are backed up by tech support, which means you don’t have to troubleshoot problems on your own.

security guard watching video monitoring surveillance security system

Why Install Security Cameras?

Surveillance cameras are great to deter thieves and vandals, but can also be used as a management tool. For retail purposes, our video management software can keep track of customer counts and foot traffic. With this advanced tool, you will know where in your store customer’s spend the most time and where you should display your featured items. Surveillance systems also help improve employees’ efficiency and productivity. You can also reduce the number of fraudulent liability claims made against your business.

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